This blog is to help you earn small but VERY EASY money on the net doing what you enjoy the most ..CHATTING ! Sounds unbelievable doesnt it .. so kindly read on.

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Lets start ..

I am glad to tell you this blog will not take more than 5 minutes of your precious time and the 5 minutes are sure to change your internet life in a significant way.

So let me ask you,
are you one of those people who have tried all sorts of "survey" sites , "click-on-ad" sites desperately trying to make money and failed ? Lets assume you are not.
How many hours do you spend on yahoo or MSN messenger chatting everyday ? Per day , how huch time do you spend sending messages to strangers on hi5 or scrapping people on orkut ? I am sure you spend ATLEAST an hour everyday. If you dont , please dont read further , this blog is not meant for you.

Well i bombed all these questions on you not because I find whatever you do very funny, but because I am one among you!! :) All i wanna ask is would you mind getting paid for doing what you do everyday ? If you do mind , you can stop reading right here .

So heres my point ..

7 DAYS BACK , I came to know about this site launched on Aug 11, 2006. Its a discussion site belonging to the MYLOT group which was featured on DISCOVERY TRAVEL & LIVING as one of the best and most popular communities on the web . Its basically a site meant for people to come and discuss , discuss and discuss. By discussions , I dont mean geeky rotten discussions , I mean literally ANYTHING and EVERYTHING under the sun! Why am i saying all this to you ? Its because the site happens to pay for JUST DISCUSSING. What you discuss can range from sex, money , love , relations to travel , business ,fashion etc depending on whoever is around from time to time. If you are thinking its probably one of those sites which plays with your emotions promising to pay you and turns out to be fake , I wouldnt really blame you. If I was you , I would surely think the same. But all that I ask from you is , spend 2hrs and nothing more discussing on the site and I want to see how you fail to change your opinion. You will be amazed to see how fast and efficient the site works and how beautifully its hosted ! Hats off to the makers.

Personally I am 95% convinced that GOOGLE is behind this site because discussing on the site is really no different from scrapping on orkut. In fact its even faster. If you are interested in making small but very very easy money then CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP. As you click on the link you reach the homepage of the site. Click on "New registration " on the top-right corner of the page. Fill the form and make sure you enter your nationality correctly. Signing up takes lesser time than making a yahoo ID. No credit cards .. no bull-shit .. no blah-blah .. Its free of all that non sense. SIGN UP. And oh yes everything is ABSOLUTELY FREE ! ..No worries !! Once you have finished signing up, you can start discussing on the site by clicking on the link below or by directly going to the site.


Payscheme of the site ..

Your pay is decided by a very intelligent algorithm designed on the site. Let me explain it to you. There are many people who would join this site and simply SPAM it using some softwares, to earn easy money. So what the site managers do is , they analyse your activity for the first 3-4 days of your usage to know if you are a spammer or not. First day they pay you peanuts ( I earned 48 cents for 3 hrs of work .. i know horrible ). But once they understand your credibility over 2-3 days , they start paying you fair and square. So please dont get disheartened if they give you only 20 cents for the first two three days.


Check below my pay so far.

My 6 day story so far ...

Day 1 - I spend 4 hrs - I earn 0.48$
Day 2 - I spend 3-4 hrs - I earn 3.13$
Day 3 - I work like ass hor 5hrs - I earn 6.20$

By day 3 , they are convinced that I am doing genuine talking and no spamming.

Day 4 - I discuss 2hrs - I earn 7.2$
Day 5 - I discuss 3hrs - I earn 8.5$
Day 6 - I discuss for 30 mins - I earn 4.1$
Day 7 - I make this blog and invite
all of you. haha

The site transfers all your earnings to your PAYPAL account on the 15th of every month. Actually you get paid on the 15th of a month only if you have earned more than 10$ by the last day of the previous month. For eg: If you have 9.99 $ in your account by September 30th , you dont get paid anything on Oct 15th . Instead the 9.99$ will be added to your earnings from Oct 1st to Oct 31st and the total sum will be given to you on Nov 15th . I hope its clear. The site updates your day to day earnings every 24hrs. If you dont have a paypal account make it right here whenever you are free It takes no more than 5 mins.

One last thing you have absolutely no reason to blindly believe me. So just use the site for 2 days and see everything for yourself. 2 days is not too much to ask for out of your hopefully long life. I guess theres one thing that I forgot to mention in this blog .. EVERYTHING IS ABSOLUTELY FREE .. no complications .. no hanky panky .. I hope you have a great time on the site .. have fun !!

Never used PAYPAL before ?? .. Chill

For all of you who havent used paypal before this , let me explain it. Paypal is the account through which the site mylot has chosen to pay you your monthly earnings. Whatever money you earn in your day to day life you tend to deposit it in a bank for various reasons . Paypal acts as nothing but an online bank where you can deposit any money that you earn online. It is the safest service on the net to use for any transaction purposes. If you have used ebay or amazon before this for doing online shopping , you must have seen the site ask you "how do you prefer to pay .. Credit card or paypal ? " Ok now people have a misconception that in order to have a paypal account you need to have a credit card . NON SENSE !! . You need to give them your credit card number only if you want to ENCASH/WITHDRAW the money that you have in your paypal account. So you can very well earn money online , deposit it in your paypal account and use your paypal account to do online shopping without ever using a credit card. If you do have a credit card then obviously you can encash the money from your nearest bank.Making an account in PAYPAL is really a cakewalk .. doesnt take more than 5 mins . For simplicity , I recommend you to opt for the PREMIER account while signing up in PAYPAL. Hope you dont forget to make your paypal account on , because there is no point in earning money when you dont have a wallet to keep it haha.

If you dont have a credit card or if you dont wish to use your credit card at all then dont worry . You can also withdraw your money from PAYPAL through cheque. The only thing is that paypal will take 5$ from it as service charges. PAYPAL has allowed payment by cheque only in 55 countries. Most of the well known countries like US , UK , India... are there in this 55. If you are planning to receive your money by cheque instead of using your credit card , then one important thing to be noted while making your PAYPAL account is that your name should be exactly the same as the name under which your BANK account is. Your name in your bank account ( to which you will deposting the cheque ) should match with the name that you give on PAYPAL while making your ID.

BREAKING NEWS !!! Sep 11 , 2006

Mylot has just now made its payment for the month of september ( Sep 11 , 11 PM IST . ) .. Anyone who still has any doubts about the authenticity of the site can go to the site right now and ask any discussing member whether the site is true or not. EVERY member has received his earning in his paypal account. Will keep updating you with more payment information if any.

Tips and tricks ..

Here are some cool tips for you to maximise your earnings.

1. As you must have noticed in your discussions , everytime you click on a new discussion and respond to it , your rating goes up by 1 . Everytime you start a discussion of your own , your rating goes up by 1 only when atleast one person responds to your discussion. So an easy way of shooting up your rating is by simply responding to as many new discussions as possible.

But friends let me tell you , the algorithm is not foolish enough to give you your earnings on the basis of ur rating earned in a day. If you go to every discussion , type stuff like yes/no and come back , your earning for the day can very easily turn out to be 0$. Therefore whenever you respond to a discussion , try to make sure that you have atleast 15-20 words in your response.

2. Now , how does the algorithm understand that what ever you are typing in your response is related to what the discussion is about. They cannot possibly sit and read the millions of messages people type in a day. What the algorithm does is , it checks whether your response contains the same keywords that are contained in the title of the discussion . So obviously , try to include as many keywords from the discussion title in your response as possible.

3. Tag all your discussions . A tag is nothing but a word or a phrase which summarises everything that you have typed.

4. Try to give atleast 2 responses or comments per discussion. It shows that you did not enter the discussion just to increase your rating by 1.

5. Though it seems a much easier way to increase your rating by responding to new discussions started by other people , it is equally important to start your own discussions and make people respond to it . See , everytime a new discussion is started on the site , their database expands . Thats what they want. So they will give more value to you if u have successfully started many discussions.

6. Now let me tell you a way to cheat the algorithm . You must have seen "Today's Hottest Discussions " on the main page. Let me tell you , out of the 4 topics they show as today's hottest discussions , I managed to bring 3 discussions of mine out of the four on two days consecutively. How did i do it . I'll explain . Out of pure observation i found that the no. of people coming to the site for discussion drastically reduces at a particular time of the day. So wat i did was when me and my friend were online at that time , I started a discussion and I started casually chatting with him in that discussion . Though our talk was not really related to the discussion , the algorithm sensed that there was a lot of "discussion" going on in my discussion. So after about 10 mins of discussion , my topic featured on "today's hottest topics " . Once your discussion comes on "today's hottest" list , it'll most probably remain there for the whole day , because any person coming to the site for discussing will most probably tend to respond to "Today's hottest discussions" . So once uv managed to put it up on the hot list , the other users will do the rest to keep it up there . And the algorithm will definitely pay you more if you can manage to bring your discussions on "today's hottest discussions" .

7. Try to earn as many best responses as possible. That increases your value .

8. A discussion of yours gets "RESOLVED" when you select a BEST RESPONSE out of the responses that you have obtained from the other users.

One last piece of advice. A lot of people come to the site hoping to make their wallets fat without doing much work. They probably increase their rating by 10 -20 in a day and hope to get paid really heavy for it . Let me tell you frankly , if u hope to get more than 2$ in a day , you will definitely have to increase your rating atleast by 75-100. Didnt wanna give you false hopes , thats all.

One thing that most people forget while using mylot is that you will get paid to discuss not to increase your rating. One day i sent them a mail asking why i was being paid so less even though my rating was increasing considerably . Let me show you the mail they sent me.
"Whether it is by posting a new discussion, responding to a current discussion, or commenting on a current discussion, you earn money but we calculate the earnings also by the quality of the discussion and responses." ....

So please try to maintain the quality of your discussions. Do not use abusive language while posting and do not think that you can just type rubbish increase your rating and get away. The algorithm is too intelligent for you.